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Bodied Pigs
Consist of a metal body, usually fabricated from carbon steel. (Aluminium & stainless bodies for special applications.) Cups and/or Discs are mounted on the body. Brushes can be mounted between the Cups or Discs for scraping the pipe wall. Wearable parts are replaceable.
Consist of single piece moulding, for added safety and flexibility. The UNI-PIG Series includes the UNI-FLEX, a series of discs and a single cup on the rear, UNI-CUP a 3 Cup pig and the UNI-PLUS which has 2 cups for sealing and 2 discs for scraping the pipe wall. All UNI-PIGS have an opened center to the nose so pressure helps expand the pig for tighter seal when pigging.
Poly Foam
Poly pigs are made of high quality open-cell polyurethane foam and provide greater flexibility for many cleaning applications. We offer a complete range from bare foam to criss-cross with wire brush.
Polyurethane spheres are manufactured from a range of materials including various harnesses of polyurethane, nitrile and neoprene. 2 inch to 60 inch
Launcher &
Receiver System
Smart launchers and receivers make pigging a smooth and efficient process for piping system operators. Easy-opening Clamp Ring Closures and Pig passage indicators are included on all launcher & receivers for added safety.
Closure System
Threaded closures are an economical solution to provide quick, easy and safe internal access to pressure vessels (pig traps, filters/strainers, blow downs).
Pig Passage
Pig signallers are fitted to launcher and receiver units to confirm the launch / arrival of a pig. They can also be at any location along the pipeline length to give indication of a pig at a specific location. They can be used to detect the passage of all types of pigs from foams, spheres and metal bodied pigs to intelligent inspection tools
Pig Parts Wide variety of pipeline cups, discs and pig parts to redress all our mandrel pigs as well as fitting other manufacturers' mandrel pigs.
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Intelligent /
Caliper Pigging
A geometry / caliper pig is a configuration pig designed to record conditions, such as dents, wrinkles, ovality, bend radius and angle, and occasionally indications of significant internal corrosion by making measurements of the inside surface of the pipe.